Tit for a Dead Tat

Israel, Hamas, and micro-deterrence – The Washington Post

To the extent that Hamas is perhaps more decentralized and less hierarchical than a traditional military, it might be particularly important for deterrence to work at the operational level: for each individual fighter to be somehow deterred from firing his particular mortar. I wonder if this sort of automatic, mathematical response might achieve that sort of micro-deterrent effect.  Would such a policy ultimately produce less bloodshed and more peace?

I doubt it, given the barbarism of Hamas itself.

What might have some effect, though, is some sort of technological solution that guaranteed that each Hamas terrorist who launched a missile at Israel would immediately receive retaliation in the form of a small package of explosives delivered to the interior of his skull. 

That might cause second thoughts among the survivors, and, if not, after a sufficient time there would be no survivors and, hence, no Hamas, and no problems from Hamas.

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