Holder Now Attorney General In Charge of Obama’s Department of Race-Baiting

Obama and race: why Eric Holder’s words stirred such anger (+video) – CSMonitor.com

By and large, when talking about race in the US, whites talk to other whites, and blacks talk to other blacks, writes Brown. This one of the lessons from the uproar over Holder’s words is that the races should talk more to each other.

“As I tell my students when I teach about race and the law, I note that important breakthroughs on race can only come when you have a conversation with someone who doesn’t look like you and doesn’t think like you,” she writes.

Get back to me when the cowardly, race-baiting Holder is willing to go on Mark Levin’s show and have a public conversation with him about race.

Like that will ever happen, you progtard ninny.

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