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Pope seeks protection of young US-bound migrants

Francis drew special attention to “tens of thousands of children who are emigrating alone, unaccompanied, to flee poverty and violence.”

He noted significant human rights challenges: “Many of their rights are violated, they are obliged to separate from their families and, unfortunately, continue to be the subject of racist and xenophobic attitudes.”

Let me be the first: Fuck Pope Francis.

Let’s see him put “his” money where his mouth is. The Catholic Church is sittings on billions of dollars looted over the centuries. If this issue is so important, he can pony up enough to keep the precious little darlings safe and happy. Hell, with the cost of living so much lower in Mexico, the little darlings should stay in Mexico and let the Catholic Church support them.

Absent that, all that’s left is moral authority to persuade others to do the right thing, and frankly Pope “I’m in charge of a whole pile of paedophilic priests and I’m not doing jack about it” Francis has fuck-all for moral authority, so ol’ Francis can go fuck himself. In fact, the pope should go fuck himself, and spare some innocent from his attentions.


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  1. Francis drew special attention to “tens of thousands of children who are emigrating alone, unaccompanied, to flee poverty and violence.”

    Three brief thoughts on this:

    1) The age-range from 18 to 26 – which is where a very substantial part (perhaps as high as half or more) of those “tens of thousands” fit – are not “children” by any reasonable logic, and should be summarily and unceremoniously dumped back where they came from, a.s.a.p. – they’re not really “fleeing poverty and violence”, they’re bringing it with them!

    2) The U.S.’s southern borders are subject to U.S. law, and the Holy See has zero standing, either legal or moral, concerning enforcement of said borders – even if that enforcement came down to creating a mile- (or two-) wide “free-fire zone” along the U.S. side of the line and enforcing it as such*

    3) Unless the Papal “authority” is now prepared (as referenced above) to cover all costs incurred in housing, feeding, clothing and otherwise tolerating the presence of all of those “tens of thousands” of poor, wittle, woebegone “wetback” alleged-refugees, said authority is hereby cordially invited to take.a.hike…Put Up, or Shut Up, Francis-baby.

    Idea: Let’s air-lift ’em all to Rome, and set ’em down in St. Peter’s Square – let ’em “camp out” there for a few weeks, maybe the Romans and the Vatican can take it from there…

    (* I know, as though that’s a viable alternative or even a remote possibility – still, never say never, y’know?…you can accomplish quite a lot with a few thousand miles of razor wire, some nice, big, easy-to-read signage and some machine-guns and antipersonnel minefields to back ’em up…)

  2. “Pope Francis on Wednesday called for ‘urgent intervention’ to protect minors traveling on their own in increasing numbers from Central and South America to the United States.”

    A better idea would be for him to send a message to those countries that no one, unaccompanied or otherwise, should even attempt the journey.

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