Attention, Global Village: Your Latest Idiot…

…has, apparently, been mistaken for an “online reporter”, and has managed an “entry” at Rolling Stone

Claims her name is “Kristen Gwynne” – and has purportedly tried to list “The 5 Most Dangerous Guns In America”.

As the ancient Yoda has truly stated (and as the Comments stream will testify to): “Strong, the Monumentally Stoopid is with this one…”


Attention, Global Village: Your Latest Idiot… — 4 Comments

  1. Hey, field artillery didn’t make the list. Obviously we should encourage more ownership of field artillery instead of these dangerous weapons.

    Furthermore, field artillery is unsuitable for criminal use as even the baggiest pants can’t conceal them!

    (Good luck finding a range though…)

    • Disguised frigate for me, thanks. Go up and down the Somali coast or putter around the Carribean Sea and the waters around Indonesia, looking like a rich man’s toy boat. Pirate bait. Too bad for the poor, innocent pirates it’s a fully armed warship.


      You keep using that word. When it comes to Obumble and his even-less-capable useful idiots, I do not that word means what you think it means.

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