How The Gentry GOP Really Works

David Brat may be hurt by loss of Cantor cash – Washington Times

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning primary loss has left a bit of a mess in Virginia’s seventh congressional district, with Democrats weighing whether to invest in the race and allies of GOP nominee David Brat alleging that Mr. Cantor’s backers are pulling money away from his campaign.

Brat’s allies are not “alleging” (claim or assert that someone has done something illegal or wrong, typically without proof that this is the case) anything.  As the rest of the article demonstrates, Cantor is pulling money away from Brat’s campaign.

Which is par for the course for the Gentry GOP, which requires that all conservatives support them without question, but never, ever support conservatives themselves.

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How The Gentry GOP Really Works — 2 Comments

  1. Although they would deny it, of course, if confronted openly (which Brat should do, sometime soon – it’s unlikely to cause his campaign any further damage, and might actually shake loose at least some small additional funds for grass-roots efforts) on the issue, the message delivered for David Brat is the Greasy Old Party RINO “elite” Command And Control system’s usual: “You ain’t One Of Us, asshole – so, yer on yer own – enjoy your “campaign”, jerkoff.”

    Quite clearly, they’d rather lose to the Democrap candidate – thereby sacrificing a readily-winnable and significantly-symbolic seat in the House – rather than proffer any useful amount of support to any non-“elitist”, especially one who had the awful temerity to defeat one of their prime, carefully-nurtured and reliably-totally-loyal, top-end RINO butt-buddies.

    How long before the Democraps, scenting “blood in the water”, react – and begin delivery of support for their guy?…

    Mr. Trammell spent the early weeks of his candidacy pleading for attention, firing off fundraising emails that had to reassure donors there was a Democrat running in the district.

    “With Eric Cantor out of the way and an extreme tea party candidate on the Republican ticket, we have a real chance to strike a huge blow and take this seat away from the Republicans,” he wrote to potential supporters. “Let’s not waste this opportunity, by letting them get a fundraising advantage.”

    Not long, I think – not too long at all…

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