All Things Being Unequal

Israeli naval commandos fight Hamas gunmen in beach front firefight – Telegraph

Israeli naval commandos fought Hamas gunmen in a dramatic beach front
firefight on Sunday after Israel attempted the first boots-on-the ground
operation of its ongoing offensive in Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, later warned that the military
operation, that has so far killed 166 Palestinians, could gone on for a “long

The early morning clash broke out after Hamas militants – alerted by a lookout
stationed in a nearby mosque – intercepted Israeli special forces trying
wade ashore at Sudaniya in northern Gaza.

The two sides engaged each other in the sea, according to one witness account,
in two hours of shooting that left four Israeli troops wounded. The Israeli
military said the mission had achieved its goal of destroying rocket
launching sites near the beach.

I hope the tradeoff was something like ten dead barbarian Paleoswine savages for every wounded IDF guy.

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