Die, Big Dead Tree Publishing, Die!

Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed – NYTimes.com

While Mr. Zandri celebrates Amazon as the best thing to happen to storytellers since the invention of movable type, many other writers are denouncing what they see as its bullying tendencies and an inclination toward monopoly.

Yeah.  As if the absolute domination of the NYC Big Five gatekeepers, with their serfdom contracts, their royalty thefts, their endlessly delayed payments, their lifetime rights licensing, was not a far worse monopoly than anything Amazon ever dreamed of being.

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  1. Some of the “established” players, or those who fancy themselves players, or those who wish to be players, also resent the loss of the gatekeeper role.

    I’ve heard several serious, learned commenters complaining about the fact that just anyone can put together and publish a book now. Oh, they put in the obligatory “and that’s a good thing”, but everything else they said was a lament that the gatekeepers couldn’t keep out the racists and the climate change deniers and the others who don’t deserve to have a public voice. Blogging wasn’t mentioned, but I suspect these chin-pulling experts don’t much care for that phenomenon, either.

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