They Know What They Are – They Just Don’t Care

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You’ll never believe where I learned this joke — from the liberal commentator Mark Shields, who told it on the MacNeil/Lehrer Report, years ago.

Two liberals are walking down the road, when they come upon a man in the ditch. He has been badly beaten, left for dead. He is moaning, groaning. One liberal turns to the other and says, “Quick, we have to find the people who did this. They need help.”

And yet…and yet…

They still go right on being proud, unapologetic liberals.

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They Know What They Are – They Just Don’t Care — 3 Comments

  1. Now, see, that joke fails right on its face. Liberals don’t walk, they drive either Priuses (with smug looks) or giant-ass SUVs (and fuck the environment; actions speak louder than words), or else they take public transportation (but only if someone is looking and they can point out how virtuous they are).

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