Liars Lie

TSA Attacks Breitbart Texas Report of Illegals Being Allowed to Fly Without ID

Feinstein told Darby that was the wrong email address. Darby repeated that he had sent a notice to the TSA email and asked if TSA was using the same web designer as According to Twitchy Media, Darby points out, it’s not the first time Department of Homeland Security officials have called out his National Border Patrol Council sources. Darby linked to an incident in which the San Diego sector of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) tweeted that one of Darby’s stories was “erroneous.” After Darby’s NBPC sources publicly stood by the article, the San Diego CBP quietly deleted its tweet. 

Darby told Feinstein he stands by his sources and said, “You guys lie. Take up your issue with the Border Patrol union, but I believe them.”

Of course they lie.  They’re part of the Obama administration.  You don’t think they’re going to tell the truth…?


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