If You’re Gonna Lie, Lie Big

North Korea made it to the World Cup final! Wait, what?! | World Cup | Viral Buz

Despite not qualifying for 2014 World Cup, North Korea has reached the final, according to state media.

Make sense?

While the rest of the world is sitting tight in anticipation of Sunday’s Germany-Argentina tilt here in Rio, North Koreans have reportedly been told their country’s soccer team has been dominant at this summer’s event.

A video posted to YouTube channel Korea News Backup, which features reports from North Korea’s state-run media, appears to show a newscaster reporting on North Korea’s fictitious success at the World Cup.

QMI Agency cannot confirm the authenticity of this video.

The sequence shows “highlights” of North Korea’s 7-0 win over Japan, 4-0 win over the United States and 2-0 win over China, all of which didn’t take place, of course.

The rhetoric also contains video of North Korea’s Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un, being superimposed over the big screen at a FIFA Fanfest while receiving rounds of applause from World Cup fans.

I’m surprised they didn’t show him personally scoring all the goals.

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If You’re Gonna Lie, Lie Big — 4 Comments

  1. Some of the comments over at the link are kinda fun…I’d give this one Top Prize:

    This is small time news since they’ve already won the last 4 Superbowls….

    And this one Most Clueless (or maybe Most Simulated-Clueless?)*:

    I’m South Korean, but the video seems to be fake one. Just a parody. It is because the narration tone (pronunciation) is completey(sic) different from that of North Korean accent.I never heard of North Korean anchor (news reader) speaking like that. And the mouth of the anchor does not match with the narration.

    I’d say this is simply further proof that Kim-Jong (Really)Ill is a long-time athletic supporter…or maybe that’s a heavily-used jock strap…or maybe that’s just how he looks – and smells…

    Well – you know…

    (*The video referred to is one that the NorKs apparently proffered back in 2010, the last time they actually competed in a World Cup tourney, in which they lost – rather abysmally – all three of the games they actually played, losing to Brazil, Ivory Coast and Portugal. Their video purported to show the NorK team defeating Brazil 1-0, although in reality they lost 2-1. In addition, my best guess would be that the 2010 Brazilian team wasn’t exactly working hard in the real game.)

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