The Fermi Paradox and Fruitless Discussion

The Fermi Paradox – The Washington Post

I usually only blog about issues on which I have some expertise, or at least sufficient knowledge to make points that have not been put forward by other commentators. But I am making an exception for the Fermi Paradox – the question of why we have not so far detected any intelligent extraterrestrial life. Astronomers and a few social scientists have been debating this issue for years. UFO enthusiasts, of course, believe the question has already been answered. But I think it deserves more attention than it has gotten so far from serious scholars in a variety of disciplines.

Maybe,  But it’s never going to get much beyond fruitless discussion until we either are finally contacted by aliens, or we get out there and start checking things for ourselves.

I think we’re more likely to find ruins of dead civilizations (and dead races) long before we find civilization itself.

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  1. Yah. When I first heard the Fermi Paradox and the related Drake Equation, I was all impressed n shit. Cut me some slack; I wasn’t even a teenager yet. Once I realized that most of the values are glorified “we have no idea so let’s pull numbers out of our asses”, I quickly became less impressed.

    The funny thing is, people continue to jack off like this. Just the other day I listened to (that is, listened to several minutes, then skipped through the rest) a podcast on some group meeting to formulate a constitution for the moon. The chin-pulling, serious experts were not powerful political leaders nor leaders of businesses likely to reach the moon. No, they were academics and concerned citizens/subjects. In other words, they were jerking off. In public. Paul Reubens was arrested for doing it, but these jokers got featured on a science podcast.

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