Neca Eos Omnes Part II

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu vows to ignore international pressure to cease military campaign in Gaza | Mail Online

Netanyahu said he has been in touch with
numerous world leaders, including President Barack Obama and the
leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Canada.

He said he had ‘good
discussions’ with his counterparts, telling them that no other country
would tolerate repeated fire on its citizens.

‘No international pressure will prevent us from acting with all power,’ he added. 

a question about possible cease-fire efforts he said: ‘I will end it
when our goals are realized. And the overriding goal is to restore the
peace and quiet,’ Netanyahu said.

He also would not rule out the
possibility of expanding the campaign of mostly aerial attacks into a
ground war in Gaza, answering when asked whether such a move was
possible that ‘we are weighing all possibilities and preparing for all

launched the offensive on Tuesday in response to weeks of heavy rocket
fire out of Gaza. At least 103 Palestinians, including dozens of
civilians, have been killed, according to the Palestinian Health
Ministry in Gaza. Palestinian militants have fired more than 600 rockets
at Israel.

Keep killing them until the barbarian savages give up the notion of attacking Israel and allow you to live in peace. 

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