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86 percent of self-described Republicans and 79 percent of independents in those 26 states said that the immigration system is in need of fixing. Moreover, 79 percent of Republican respondents said that it was “important” for Congress to act on immigration reform this year. 53 percent of Republicans went a step further, saying that it was “very important.” 71 percent of Republicans said that they would support a candidate who backs immigration reform while only 15 percent of self-identified GOP voters said that they would not support a pro-reform candidate.

Dear Hot Gas Head:  Get back to me if you can ever find a poll that specifically defines “immigration reform” in terms of actual policy for polling purposes.

Some think this is reform:  Deport all illegals now, and seal the border.

Some think that deporting some illegals, sealing the border, and offering a pathway to legal residency, but not citizenship, is reform.

Some think that sealing the border but offering a path to citizenship is reform they could support.

And some – mostly progressive Democrats and brain-dead Libertarians – think that open borders and a near-immediate, automatic path to citizenship for everybody who makes it into the United States is the sort of reform they want to see.

If you ask these disparate groups whether they support “immigration reform,” most will say yes.  But they are responding with meaningless answers to a meaningless question.

And any commentator on the issue who does not point this out in their analysis is just as dishonest as the polls themselves.

Get me, Hot Gasser?

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