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Older Americans Feel Best About Their Physical Appearance

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Though many may pine for the physical appearance they had in their younger years, America’s seniors are the most confident in their looks. Two-thirds (66%) of Americans aged 65 and older “agreed” or “strongly agreed” that they always feel good about their physical appearance…

Obviously, this is the group whose eyesight, or mental faculties, or both, have deteriorated the most:

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  1. Millenials, many either not capable of supporting themselves and thus living at home/in their parents’ basement or else going to college on some combination of taxpayer dollars and daddy’s money, are clueless about the nature of a free society and the effects of government on economic productivity.

    Geezers, many living partially or entirely on the government dime, having more than consumed their “contribution” to SS and MC, are clueless about their physical and mental abilities and their physical attractiveness.

    Government employees, by definition consuming taxpayer dollars and in practice very unlikely to actually be earning their paycheck, are clueless about their worth in a free labor market and their contribution to society.

    I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

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