The absurdity of occupational licensing

Now that Alfred resides in FL, this struck me as particularly eye-opening. As ‘they’ say, a picture is worth… you know the rest

Florida occupational licensing

This simple graphic shows the absurdity of occupational licensing. To become an interior designer in Florida, it takes the same amount of time to train to become an optician and an athletic trainer…combined.


The absurdity of occupational licensing — 9 Comments

  1. I don’t know if it will have changed by now, but – when we were living in FL for awhile (2004 – 2008, during my last “permanent” employment stint), I was mildly bemused by a) the fact that there was actually (supposedly) a licensing requirement for Interior Designers, and b) it took (at that time) less training-time to obtain licensing as a Journeyman Electrician(General), a Building Inspector (Residential) or a Home Renovation Specialist (Residential) than it did for the Interior Designer ticket (at least in Palm Beach County, where we lived then).

  2. In Louisiana, you had to have a mortician’s license, including running a funeral home (I think), to sell caskets. There was a group of monks that were selling caskets, and the undertaker’s guild tried to get them to stop by burying them in red tape around the licensing issue. Eventually the monks sued and won, and I think got the requirement to be a mortician just to be able to be a salesman removed.

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