Cochran Cabal Falling Apart?

Thad Cochran Replaces Campaign Manager Amid Ugly Post-Primary Battle

Sen. Thad Cochran’s campaign manager, Kirk Sims, has been replaced by his state director Brad Davis, according to a GOP source close to the campaign.

The source, who has first-hand knowledge of the information from speaking to campaign officials, also said the campaign has retained the legal firm Butler Snow for unknown reasons.

Sims, a former chief of staff to Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, leaves his campaign manager post having won a bitter primary fight against odds but also amid allegations of vote-buying and other improprieties that have engulfed the election’s outcome in acrimony.

Noel Fritsch, a spokesman for Cochran’s primary challenger Chris McDaniel, who is reviewing ballots for irregularities and has vowed to challenge the election results in court, said the personnel change showed “Cochran’s campaign is in a state of wild disarray.”

It’s ugly because the Senile Senator and his Gentry GOP handlers made it ugly.

All to elect this:

Thad Cochran’s Latest Senior Moment: Gets Lost in Capitol

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) literally got lost on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, The Hill reports. Cochran accidentally, while speaking with The Hill’s Cameron Joseph, went to the Senate Democrats’ luncheon instead of the Senate Republicans’ luncheon.

Well, he’s a Democrat, now, isn’t he, since he campaigned as one in a Republican primary?

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  1. Prediction: Kirk Sims – along with all others directly connectible with the Cochran campaign’s illegal “tactics” (enticing, aiding and abetting the “crossover” Democrat votes, buying votes for cash or future “favors”, etc.) that “won” the runoff primary for Cochran – will now disappear from sight, and will stay “disappeared” so that they cannot be questioned on their activities in the primaries until either the McDaniel campaign’s efforts to get some kind of rerun of the runoff primary fail and/or the primary results are “certified”, one way or another, in Cochran’s favor, or the regular Senate election in November, whichever comes first.

    If nobody can find ’em, they can’t be questioned/subpoenaed/hauled into a hearing or a court, etc.

    Cochran’s “handlers” are getting desperate – they’re hearing the McDaniels campaign’s footsteps, gaining on ’em…a last-ditch “cover-up” effort has now begun.

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