Send Him to the Other Side of the Border – And Then Make Him Stay There

Reliable Progressive Bubbleheads Michael Barnacle, Andrea Mitchell Admit Their Confidence in Obama is Badly Shaken

Among the points she makes — echoing Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar — is that Obama seems to have a surplus of spare time when it comes to The-Bear-Is-Loose photo ops, but finds that his schedule is far too tight when it comes to visiting the border.

Could somebody please explain to me why Democrats, and even many “conservatives” seem to think it is so important for Obama to physically visit the border?

Do they honestly believe he doesn’t know exactly what is going on down there, or that if he didn’t, the mere sight of the dividing line between Mexico and the United States would cause him to reverse an illegal immigration policy that has been a signature cornerstone of his administration?

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Send Him to the Other Side of the Border – And Then Make Him Stay There — 2 Comments

  1. The media is wailing because they need something to show on their evening news broadcast that they can spin as Obama “doing something” and “caring about the children”. How can they make Obama look good if he’s playing pool in Denver? That’s their sole objection – his tin ear on helping them do their job of making him look good no matter how much he f^(ks up.

    Obama is having one of his usual Truman Show moments: “How’s it going to end?” So he doesn’t know what to do. He knew he wanted to draw in these illegals for some Cloward-Piven action, but since Cloward-Piven is about overburdening systems and thereby promoting their breakdown, it’s inherently hard to predict what’s going to happen. He might be afraid of having a picture with the kids – who knows how it will end up getting used if this whole adventure gets messier than he expected?

    “Conservatives” (i.e., establishment political types who are not the least bit conservative but like to pretend they are) want him there to get that picture. They smell the possibility of getting some tactical advantage in the intramural fights of the political class.

    Real conservatives just want to see him squirm. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t know what to do. They’re hoping that leads to a gaffe of some kind that demonstrates his hypocrisy on immigration.

    Nobody on either side thinks he needs to be there to understand what’s going on. That’s just a convenient excuse they use instead of the real reasons they want him there.

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