Maybe It’s An Arkansan Thing….Or a FOX Thing….

Surveillance Video Reveals a Man Beaten, Shot, and Hit by a Car –

PINE BLUFF, AR – A Pine Bluff man has been left with multiple injuries after police say several suspects in an SUV attacked him on June 30.

According to the report, 26-year-old Andrew Lawson was forced into a vehicle and then taken to a Pine Bluff hair salon.  It was there, surveillance video shows a fight went from the vehicle to the parking lot.

Police say Lawson was shot, beaten, and nearly run over.

They ask for help identifying the attackers in the video.  But they didn’t post the video.

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Maybe It’s An Arkansan Thing….Or a FOX Thing…. — 3 Comments

  1. So…these “several suspects” threw this guy into a car – at some undisclosed, presumably-unobserved location – and took him to a hair salon parking lot – so they could then…beat, shoot and run him down – where a surveillance camera could see them do it?…

    Isn’t that at least a little like the old joke about the drunk looking for his car-keys under the corner streetlamp, even though he thinks he lost ’em down the block somewhere, “…’cause the light’s much better over here.”?…

    Somehow, I get the feeling there’s a lot missing from that report besides the surveillance video.

  2. Without seeing the video I can guesstimate which side of the Martha Mitchell Expressway and which side of Cherry street the assailants hail from. The White guy will be from the other direction.

    It will flabber my gast to find that these gentlemen did not know each other previously, and were not business associates. And I bet the PBPD has had prior contact.

    Just going from my time living in Pine Bluff, and present-day visits.

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