Am I Being Offensive Enough Here?

Silicon Valley royalty royally slammed for ‘persistent, troubling deficit’ of diversity • The Register

A trio of US Democratic congresswomen have criticized top tech firms’ lack of diversity.

In an op-ed for The San Jose Mercury News, California Representatives Zoe Lofgren, Anna Eshoo and Barbara Lee called out Silicon Valley’s technology houses for the low numbers of women and minorities in their ranks.
“It is painfully clear the sector faces a persistent and troubling deficit when it comes to women, African-Americans and Latinos,” the trio wrote.

Probably because businesses whose very existence depends on STEM wizards doesn’t have a lot of need for people with degrees in Wymn’s Studies or Critical Race Theory.

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  1. What’s funny to me is that the dumbasses in management in the majority of those companies (along with probably a good portion of the senior management and the owners/founders), even after having been publicly upbraided for not meeting the requirements of these thoroughly reprehensible politicians, will keep on voting for their kind.

    • Doesn’t even strictly need to be .gov. There was a guy who hung up his blogging shingle years ago who used to be a QA engineer for a firm working on The Big Dig in Boston. At one point, years after the project was finished, he mentioned that the company got the diversity bug (actually, it was MWBE, but close enough.) They felt a desperate need to get women into jobs, so they retrained a bunch of secretaries as QA engineers, with predictable results.

  2. Am I Being Offensive Enough Here?

    WTF? Bill, if that crack about Wymn’s Studies is the best you can do, I’m afraid you’re just not cut out for a career in offending people.

    Now, I’m not trying to be offensive myself, what with having no personal or professional involvement whatsoever with the issue of women, blacks, and hispanics being crammed into the STEM workplace, but if I were trying to be offensive, my opening salvo would be something along the lines of them just not being smart enough. There’s a minimum IQ needed in order to be effective in engineering and the like, and very few women, blacks, and hispanics make the cut. Oh, sure, you can design an IQ test to show that women can be just as smart as men, but that result is nothing more than an artifact of the test, or of a definition of intelligence so squishy as to be useless.

    Similarly, the intelligence statistics of blacks and hispanics (and amerinds) come in well below those of whites and orientals; in the IQ levels needed for productive STEM work, they are vanishingly rare. As with sex-based differences, claims that there is no racial difference in intelligence or even that there is no such thing as race are long on hysteria and short on science.

    Note that I’m talking about intelligence, not schooling or two-parent families or any other external factor. Raw intelligence, an intrinsic part of one’s makeup. Very few women, blacks, and hispanics have what it takes.

    That’s how I’d start if I were being offensive. But I’m not, so you can disregard all of the above. You can be sure that the grievance community will do so, except for purposes of branding me a hater.

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