Great: Iraq Informs UN That “Terrorists” Have Seized a Major Iraqi Chemical/Nerve Agent Weapons Storage Facility

I don’t think this proves “Iraq had WMDs” because we already knew they had WMDs; the question was whether they had undisclosed WMDs, in addition to those stocks the UN had already identified and placed under lock and key (and by lock and key, I mean, and I think I’m serious about this, they would just put a “UN Controlled Weapons” sticker over the door jamb to let Saddam know he wasn’t allowed to touch those weapons, unless he had a box-cutter or just a sharp stick).

I’m not sure if these captured bunkers constitute some new reserve of WMDs; I assume they don’t, but then again, I don’t think the media would exactly blare it from the rooftops if it turned out Hussein had undisclosed WMDs all along.

Sorry, but this is ex post facto bullshit, and I suspect Ace knows it.

Nobody during the “Bush Lied (about WMDs) and People Died” campaign was admitting that Iraq had any WMDs, whether disclosed or undisclosed.  Supposedly Saddam had nothing in his arsenal along those lines.

So I guess my question has to be, “Who is this “we” you’re talking about, Kemo Sabe?”


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  1. And don’t forget, only nukes are WMDs. And only working nukes, ready to use. Bio weapons in any state of development, chemical weapons in any state of development, and nuke programs in any state short of ready to use, all don’t count. Therefore, Saddam didn’t have WMDs and never had WMDs, so Bush lied.

    That’s according to a radio talk show host 2004-ish. And if you can’t trust a liberal talk show host who is also a political science professor at SUNY-Albany, whom can you trust?

  2. I remember years back Harvey Olson posting something along these lines:

    No WMDs.
    No large stockpiles of WMDs.
    Goalpost movers local union ready for work.

    I saw a multitude of fucktards say “NO WMDS BUSH LIED PEOPLE DIED!!!” I pointed out-repeatedly- that they had found a decent number of WMDs. It was like talking to a brick wall, only less useful. And I will guarantee you that if this news were on every network they be saying a) Bush planted them or b) they were moved in AFTER the war because you’re a racist for asking.

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