‘I Feel Like Killing Someone’: Police Say Man Beaten To Death In Front Of Crowd At Amtrak Station « CBS Houston

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBS Houston) – A man was beaten to death in front of a crowd of people at an Amtrak Station Thursday.

San Antonio Police arrested 21-year-old Michael Joseph Fobbs for approaching a man sitting on a bench alone and fatally beating him.

The 56-year-old man was waiting to board a bus when the incident happened.

Police said that Fobbs paused for a few moments and said, “I feel like killing someone,” and then continued to beat the man with his fists until he killed him, KENS 5-TV reported.

It’s a good thing the victim didn’t have a firearm.  Somebody might have gotten hurt.

Man pummeled to death at train station – San Antonio Express-News

Michael Joseph Fobbs Jr., 21, of Cibolo, was charged Thursday with murder.

Well, that’s a shocking surprise, isn’t it?

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