Detroit: Democrat Poster City

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It’s official tells fox news that Cleveland will host the next GOP convention

I think they should hold the damned thing in Detroit, so America could get a good look at the inevitable end point of Democrat policy.

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Detroit: Democrat Poster City — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent idea!! Almost as good – or perhaps even better – would be Flint, MI, sort of the smaller-sized “prototype” for Dee-Twah, according to Forbes the “Second Most-Miserable City In The U.S.”, right behind the (Blown) Motor City itself:

    #2 Flint, Mich.

    Flint has been demolishing homes as the city shrinks with residents leaving in search of jobs. Only Detroit has a higher net out-migration rate. Flint ranks third worst for violent crime, behind Detroit and Memphis.

    As an even earlier clear-cut, acute example of Democrap-inspired and Progressive Gubment-sustained urban destruction and economic devastation, Flint is even more “picturesque” than Detroit – it even has a “centralized convention development” (never entirely completed nor utilized – mostly due to a combination of local-Democrap greed and graft, coupled with scarey-high crime rates) which could be the perfect spot for a major political convention – that is, as long as a couple of companies of U.S. Marines or a regiment or two of Army National Guards were made available for security duties.

    Nice city, Flint…once upon a time…until a combination of big labor union-driven politics, “progressive-minded” (read: Leftist-driven) local, County and State (as well as FedGov) policies and Democrap-maintained graft produced what – inevitably – happened to it.

    You may recall this as the city Mickey Moore-On, the notorious Fat Fake From Flint strove mightily – though mostly-unsuccessfully – to convince everyone was done in by an earlier iteration of Government Motors. Remain undeceived – ’twas the good ol’ Left done the dirty deed, whether via UAW/AFL/CIO/Teamsters or via the even-more pernicious ministrations of Progtard politicians.

    Although it’s a lot bigger, Detroit’s downhill-run is actually fairly recent – most of it having come in the last 15 – 20 years – compared to Flint and Genesee County, where what you see in the online pictures has been on-going for roughly 35 – 40 years. Only way Detroit is “leading” is, they’ve already been able to file bankruptcy – Flint, somehow, incredibly, keeps getting touted as being “in recovery” – its alleged ongoing condition for well over 3 decades, now – and is therefore denied that final coup de grace.

    Some “recovery”, hey?

  2. Update: It seems that I may well have commented a bit prematurely on that “declaration of bankruptcy” thingy, vis a vis the Fabled Flop That Is Flint…

    …another Michigan city with strong ties to the auto industry may be about to fall into the same hole.

    Reason given? Surprise!…”unfunded” labor-union-negotiated city-employee retiree health care costs – the ultimate straw that, it appears, will finally break Flint’s economic back.

    How – unexpected…

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