Tales of the Welfare Class

Conyers, Detroit Water Brigade vow fight to help those threatened by shut-offs | The Detroit News

Detroit — U.S. Rep. John Conyers vowed Monday to fight for Detroiters whose water is being cut off and said he would seek federal aid.

Conyers, speaking Monday in the city for a newly formed coalition called the Detroit Water Brigade, said the water issue is “the most important item on my agenda.”

“This is a national issue,” the Detroit congressman said.“Water is a human right. It’s necessary for life.”

In March, the utility announced it was starting a campaign to target tens of thousands of Detroiters with balances more than $150 overdue or more than two months behind on their payments.

The department and contractors working for it have cut off more than 8,000 accounts from March to May. The department has more than 178,000 active residential accounts and nearly 80,000 of them are past due, totaling nearly $42 million in overdue accounts, according to the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department.

About 76 percent of those whose water was turned off in May paid their bills and had service restored within two days, according to the department.

These are just deadbeats waiting for their Obamaphones, mortgage payments, and water bill checks.

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Tales of the Welfare Class — 4 Comments

  1. Damn, I didn’t know free water was a right. Guess I better quit paying my water bill too.

    ‘Course if these assholes really want some free water I don’t guess anybody will bitch if they take their little pail down to the river and get themselves some.

    Oh wait….. you mean they want it delivered???

  2. I thought that little coda that 3/4 of people who had their water shut off managed to cough up the dough in just a couple of days on average.

    Obviously the people screaming about how evil the water board is aren’t going to want to mention that.

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