Sounds Like a Death Spiral To Me

AMC adds recliners to its theaters in hopes that you’ll ditch Netflix for a night

The outfit has already converted some locations, seeing an average attendance increase of 80 percent. Major markets tend to have the most frequented theaters, so the project aims to revamp those venues that struggle, with a second stage of the face-lift going to big cities. Unfortunately, those recliners won’t lean back as far, cutting down on the number of seats lost to the larger chairs. And as you might expect, a ticket price hike is said to be on the way after the renovations have been in place for a year.

I have no idea why anybody goes to see a movie in a theater these days.  It’s dirty, expensive, often times dangerous, and most of the movies are awful.

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  1. For the teens slightly younger than my boys (ie, those either not old enough to drive, or not old enough to drive after dark, or not trusted to drive Mom’s car, and also who are not self-confident enough to go on one-on-one dates), the movies are a safe place to go on dates. Safe in the sense that you go with a group, so it’s not just you and your boy/girlfriend, so you don’t have to get too stressed out. Also, safe from the parents’ perspective because the kids can be dropped off and picked up in a group in the minivan, so the parents don’t have to worry about where they are or what awful events (taken straight from the TV news headlines) might have befallen them.

    For my sins, I know more about teenagers (especially teenage girls) and fearful parents of teenagers than anyone should have to. The teens and preteens feel comfortable talking to me because I don’t talk down to them, and they feel comfortable asking me questions they couldn’t possibly ask their parents or teachers because I don’t judge them*. Which sometimes leads to conversations such as two preteen girls asking me to explain a dirty joke — the implication of the punchline was blowjobs. And then ask if I had any tips for giving blowjobs. Oh, no, that wasn’t awkward, nope, not at all.

    * I will occasionally call them dumbasses if they made some dumbass decision, but then I’ll help them figure a way out of whatever dumbass problem they got themselves into.

  2. I’m guessing the answer is “because there’s better choices.” In Dallas, you basically have two chains: AMC and Cinemark. AMC’s prices are moderately higher than Cinemark, so I generally don’t go there any more. I do like seeing movies on a big screen, though, so I will sometimes go to a theater. But more and more, what I do are Saturday Matinees, because they’re cheaper, and I also don’t go to big chain theaters. A couple years ago, a new cineplex opened near me: one of those dinner+movie type places. Some of the theaters have couches with built-in recliners. They’ll seat up to three people for a fixed price. Plus you can order food from the captive restaurant, if that’s your thing, and there’s even a bar.

    The theaters don’t have 300 seats so they feel cozy, and they don’t pack you in like sardines: the regular seats are also leather power recliners with nice, wide armrests, and there’s a bit more space than usual between rows so you can stretch your legs.

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