String-Pulling and Egypt

Egypt’s Sisi says independence for Iraq’s Kurds would be ‘catastrophic’ | Reuters

(Reuters) – Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Sunday a referendum on the independence of Iraq’s Kurdish region would lead to a “catastrophic” break up of the country, which is facing an onslaught by Sunni Islamist militants.

The comments from Sisi, leader of the most populous Arab nation, indicate a growing fear in the region that the division of Iraq could further empower the insurgents who have declared a “caliphate” on land seized in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

Keep in mind that Sisi is a Saudi puppet.  Filter everything he says through that lens.

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  1. At this point, I consider it a fairly-high probability that we will see – perhaps not so terribly long into the future – the partitioning (or, perhaps more properly, the re-partitioning) of Iraq and parts of Syria, Turkey, and perhaps even Iran into some rough semblance of the region-states from which it was banged-together rather arbitrarily by the British and French, back in the post-W.W. I era (subsequent to a certain amount of “breakup” of olden-days Kurdistan over the previous couple of hundred years or so)…with one of the resultant divisions being a re-emergent “consolidated” Kurdistan (which formerly might have been certain to soon-thereafter cause open warfare with Turkey, as the Kurds try to also solidify their claims upon their formerly-held territories to the north/northwest – but that appears to have changed quite a bit in recent times, as “…Turkey has increasingly worked with the de facto autonomous Kurds in Iraq…” ).

    To say the developing situation in the region is “presently rather fluid” is perhaps somewhat of an understatement. Seems like it will be interesting to watch, certainly.

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