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The Books Everyone Starts and No One Finishes, According to Amazon

A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawking: Chalking up 6.6% on the index named for its author, this astrophysics tome is a little too much for most readers to bear. But it’s no longer the number-one unread book, which, in some parallel universe out there, may just be the biggest achievement of all.

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  1. In the “Fifty books for a well read life” post you picked up, I said BHoT was “often purchased but seldom read”. That was based on asking people who owned the book if they had read it. Few had, and now Amazon has metrics on it.

    To be blunt, I’m betting 90% of the purchasers lack the cognitive capability to read and understand Brief History of Time. As such, it’s one of the most spectacular marketing successes in all of publishing.

    And, to be fair, so it Piketty’s book. The fact that repackaged Marxist dreck can sell so well speaks to the desperate need of the modern leftist for validation of his delusional world view, even as reality chips away at it with ever more increasing vigor.

    I have to wonder if Piketty even believes what he says, or is just catering to his audience for the sales.

      • Maybe so – but it sure doesn’t make him a very effective one, readability-wise or that-makes-logical-sense-wise.

        From the Amazon “testimonial”-blurbs:

        “…Piketty writes in the epic philosophical mode of Keynes, Marx, or Adam Smith…”

        Sorry, but – Keynes? Maybe…Marx?…Most assuredly, however – Adam Smith? Not so much…

        The Wealth of Nations this ain’t, not even close, not even (or perhaps especially Third Edition-close – neither in scope nor in breadth, nor especially and particularly not even in logicality based upon available data and/or prior experience.

        Also from Amazon blurbs:

        “…His most startling news is that the belief that inequality will eventually stabilize and subside on its own, a long-held tenet of free market capitalism, is wrong…”

        – which (based upon my mercifully relatively-brief exposure to Piketty’s “prose”) pretty much sums up – for me, anyway – just how blitheringly, blunderingly wrong and wrongly-directed his whole “opus” undoubtedly is.

        (And yes, I actually subjected myself to a certain portion of this “opus” – until, finding my “written bullshit” detector in full-blown Red Alert, and with my brain matter approaching near-China Syndrome-meltdown level, I hastily returned my copy to Amazon for immediate re-sale to…anyone.

        Painful experience, not to be repeated.EVER.AGAIN!!

        As has been stated: It is not necessary to eat an entire egg to know that it is rotten – and it is eminently clear that, despite the foamingly-enthused reviews from many “professional” economists/economic writers, this tome is, indeed, one rotten hen-fruit.)

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