England: Protect Our Drones First!

Top Conservative MPs want limit on poor EU migrants | Politics | News | Daily Express

The Prime Minister is facing demands to include the tougher border plan in his drive to renegotiate a new EU deal for the UK.

Citizens of existing member nations would be included in the limit as well as those from countries joining in future.

The move will infuriate Brussels officials by proposing to effectively rip up the EU’s cherished principle of “free movement” for all citizens.

But it is said to have attracted support from figures at the highest levels in the Conservative Party and is seen as a sure-fire vote-winner for next year’s general election.

Tory backbencher Nigel Evans last night said: “We cannot have an open-door policy where everybody from poor EU countries can come and milk our social security system and our NHS or benefit from better job prospects. Immigration is not simply a British problem.

“There are a number of wealthier EU countries with mature social security systems that are relatively generous that are proving a magnet for those coming from poorer nations. It seems to me that David Cameron’s reform plans will appeal to many other European countries which want to protect their generous social security systems.”

Welfare states and open borders are…incompatible.

Or, to put it another way, they’ll bankrupt your ass and destroy your nation.

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