Is Cooked Data Better Than No Data? Sure, If You’ve Got An Agenda to Push

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It’s already happened to two researchers who attempted to assemble and analyze statistics on adopted children raised by gay couples, Mark Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas at Austin, and Loren Marks, a sociologist at Louisiana State University.  In separate studies using standard panel large-scale survey methodology, they each concluded that children raised in same-sex marriage households had higher rates of various social dysfunctions than children raised in traditional married households.  As with almost every social science analysis, there is ample room to criticize the research design, and Regnerus’s sample size (only about 250 parents) may be too small and over too short a span to bear the weight of any conclusions at this point.

How about a comparison to straight single parent households?

That wouldn’t demonize gay households sufficiently?  In fact, it might even make them look good?

Well, never mind, then.  Just take those bogus “children of gay marriage” studies to the bank.  I guess when Hayward talks about “following the data,” he doesn’t give a rat’s ass how badly cooked that data actually is.

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