Not Declaration of Dependence: Declaration of Submission

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~Meanwhile, this post by John Hinderaker set me wondering where the Obama Democrats’ promised “transformation” of America is likely to end:

The population of Mogadishu is moving to Minneapolis, through the miracle of chain immigration. I don’t know whether there is any limiting principle to this or whether all of Mogadishu will one day reside along the Mississippi, but in any event, the Somali influx is already impacting Minnesota politics.

By which John means that, in a close race between Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor (incidentally, I’m a connoisseur of Mohammed spelling variations, and that one’s beaut), a Somali-born Minneapolis elections judge has announced that a fellow Somali’s vote was cast not for the “old Jewish lady” but for “our Muslim brother”.

This is a Democrat primary: Ms Kahn is a doctrinaire leftie incumbent and Mr Noor is an assertive Muslim challenger. No Republicans need be involved in this civil war: it’s the internal contradictions of the rainbow coalition. But on America’s national holiday hearing impartial election clerks sounding like corrupt tribal officials in the Horn of Africa is a stirring testament to diversity.

Yeah, but the Somali Muslims will do the jobs Americans won’t do:  Like setting up camps for old Jewish ladies.

I wonder how long they’ll keep on using that phrase “that Americans won’t do,” given that apparently anybody in the world who holds to leftist beliefs is an “American” just waiting to happen as soon as he can somehow get across our border.

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