Aw. Another Poster Child Lost….

Dayton store owner shoots, kills suspected robber | Dayton, OH |

This robbery is the latest in a string of felony crimes committed by juveniles on Dayton’s west side. Dayton police Sgt. Paul Saunders said they’re set to nearly double the number of felony arrests involving juveniles this year. He said the incident at Step-N-Style is an example of the crime juveniles are committing escalating. While teenagers were more commonly known to commit less-violent crimes such as thefts and burglaries, Saunders said he’s seeing more cases of juveniles using guns to steal cars and commit armed robberies. In this case, he said the crime resulted in a tragedy for Haggins’ family.

“(Haggins) is an example of someone who has gone down the wrong path, made some horrible decision and it’s had a horrible result,” he said.

Eh, what’s so horrible?  Society has likely been spared years of multiple violent crimes, up to and including murder, and then decades of keeping this thug behind bars when he’s finally taken off the streets.

Sounds like a net win to me.


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Aw. Another Poster Child Lost…. — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm, what do you think the odds are:

    “Whether the owner will face charges in the shooting will be determined by the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office when police conclude their investigation.”

    “Whether the owner will receive a medal and a congressional commendation for a job well done, is not bloody likely, even though he should!

  2. The 48-second video at the link is…gob-smackingly, head-bangingly, disgustingly stoopid!!!

    “Granny” of the now-room-temperature perp wants to know “…jus’ what happint, was it…y’know, self-defense, or what?…”

    Riiight…’cause, when some tat-wearin’ “homeboy” and his pard go into a clothing store, point guns at the owner and demand money, y’know, there’s always that possibility when said owner ups with his own heater and blows “homeboy”‘s shit out of existence, cute li’l “homeboy” was just holdin’ that gun in self-defense

    Then again – maybe “Granny” was talking about the store owner shooting in “self-defense”?…You think?

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