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NOTHING TO HIDE: Multiple Security Guards Blocked Rep. Bridenstine from Entering HHS Facility Housing Minors. “Officials blocked Bridenstine from entering the HHS facility currently housing approximately 1,200 unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors Tuesday – leaving the Republican asking, ‘What are they trying to hide?’”

This post over at Insty’s joint produced my nominee for comment of the day:

But as usual more Republican smoke and mirrors. If the Republicans were seriously concerned about what’s going on Rep. Bridenstine would have every guard who stopped him subpoenaed to testify before Representative Issa’s oversight committee on Monday morning at 9:00 AM. Each guard would be asked to testify who he or she reports to, who gave the orders and on what authority to prevent the Congressman from entering the facility, and then the Committee would get into the guards’ security clearances, training, and such. The Committee also would insist the guards produce all documents with their orders.

But this won’t happen because the Republicans are not serious. It is all election year posturing and smoke and mirrors for the Republicans.

Exactly. Republicans aren’t really interested in securing the border, stopping illegal immigration, or reforming our immigration system into something sensible. Rather, they are interested in any “immigration theater” that will help improve their electoral chances this fall, so that after the elections they can go ahead and ram their version of immigration scamnesty onto the lawbooks.

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