Conventional Idiocy Wisdom From Fred “Ruling Party” Barnes

From the Bottom Up | The Weekly Standard

It’s pretty simple why Republicans collapsed in California. The state changed. They didn’t. The Hispanic and Asian electorates grew without attracting heavy GOP attention. In 1990, Republicans were 39 percent of registered voters. Today they’re 29 percent. In the past two decades, four million middle-class families have left California. The guess is a majority were Republicans or at least Republican-minded. “We are exporting Republicans,” Steel says.

The demographics are daunting for Republicans. The state is 39 percent Latino, 38.8 percent white, 13 percent Asian, 5.8 percent black. Democratic voters consist of California’s rich, poor, and Asians. The middle class is dominated by unionized state and local government workers. That doesn’t leave much for Republicans.

Barnes, of course, thinks that the name of the game is electing Republicans in California. Apparently it doesn’t matter to him whether or not the “Republicans” elected actually are Republicans, (or, more accurately, are distinguishable from Democrats) as long as they have that cosmetic “R” after their name.

You want to know when California will start electing Republicans (or something other than Democrats) again? After the entire state undergoes a Detroit-level collapse into bankruptcy and desolation. Of course, by the time that happens the Republican Party may no longer exist, so….

Happy Fourth of July, illegal aliens!

Now get the hell out.

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