Quick – Get The Silver Boolits!!

Zombie Politickin’:

Strong Case for Romney 2016 White House Run

Nooo-o-o-o!!! Quick, Henry, get the Flit!

Even though electoral history would suggest Romney’s chances are slim, he has the advantage of being the de facto leader of the Republican Party, while no other candidate stands out in the crowded field of possible contenders, Henry wrote.

Nononononooo-o-o-o…c’mon, people, didn’t you get enough of this Democrap-Lite the first two times around? Do you really, really wanna do this dance-of-death again?

In addition, he wrote, Romney would be the only candidate in the last 50 years who wasn’t a career politician.

And so…this is supposed to be – what? – an advantage, somehow? Exactly why?…

Henry wrote this is relevant because voters’ unhappiness with Obama is driven by a perception of incompetence. Romney would provide the desired contrast of someone who has experience from the business world of successfully executing initiatives.

“Call Mitt Romney what you will, but his core competence is just that: competence.”(emphasis added)


Sorry, dude, but – if The Mitten is supposed to get the Big Wave-In based on “competence”…well…that kind of “competence” we don’t need.

(Sooo-o much stoopid, so little actual, useful intelligence.)

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