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  1. Some of my all-time faves – hugely “old-fogey” now, of course, but still…Thank you kindly.

    That second one is particularly apropos just now, BTW – we’re getting the outer bands of Arthur right now, lots and lots of rain with some pretty strong winds, mostly now out of the North/Northeast, 20 – 25 MPH, occasional gusts to 35 – 40.

    Those ol’ boys did have a “sound” though, didn’t they?

    (Pretty obviously, on “Down On The Corner”, that’s either lip-sync and/or – at minimum – a “back-fill” of instrumental sound-track. CCR were good – but not good enough to make one acoustic guitar, a washboard, a one-string washtub “bass” and three maracas sound like that – plus, there’s a very-detectible drum track, but with no drumset visible. Fun to watch, though – thanks again.)

    My personal top-favorite of theirs: “Born On The Bayou” – YMMV, of course…

  2. That’s o.k., works for me –

    Maybe sometime (despite the slight-smudge on their image by dint of being enthusiastically endorsed by the Clintoons back in the ’90s) you’d care to “eclectically” rustle up a track or several by Fleetwood Mac – some of their early stuff’s not all that much, but their “middle era” has some pretty solid work in it, once they got Stevie Nicks on-board and really hit their stride.

    Meanwhile – almost any CCR will grab me, anytime. I’ve still got most of their stuff on vinyl, too.

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