Another Ring Added To The MS Senatorial Circus

Yet another Hot Hit in the multi-faceted primary elections merry-go-round down in Ole Mississippi…

Thad Cochran’s Campaign Hangs Up on Entire National Media

Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) top campaign operatives hung up on numerous members of the national media after a press conference call Wednesday. The call was intended to rebut state Sen. Chris McDaniel’s campaign’s allegations of voter fraud in Mississippi’s GOP primary runoff. Instead, it turned into a circus.

Seems that, during the press conference call, questions were supposed to be “held” until after the Cochran campaign’s rep finished with his spiel – but one of the supposedly-invited media folks wanted to ask a (somewhat-racially-rude) “quick question”, and tried to jump in:

“Quick question,” an unidentified man interrupted senior Cochran campaign adviser Austin Barbour on the press call.

“You’ll have an opportunity to ask a question at the end of the call,” Barbour fired back. “Listen, I will give everyone an opportunity to ask a question when we get through. We’ll be happy to answer any questions from any members of the media.”

Whoever it was – which is, apparently, as yet undetermined – persisted…and Barbour tried to ignore the question, and move along:

Barbour again attempted to ignore the question. “So, listen, here’s what we’re going to do,” he told the reporters on the line. “We’re going to keep trying to go through this call, and if there’s individuals who decided that they want to hijack this call, we’ll just let it get through with it and I’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.”

“I just gave you one,” the man interjected yet again. “Why do you treat black people like because they’re black they’re going to vote for Cochran?”

Seemingly unfazed, Barbour trudged onward. “So the members of the national media who participated in this call, you’ve got my cell phone and you’ve got my email address,” Barbour said. “You’ve got Jordan Russell’s cell phone and you’ve got Jordan Russell’s email. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. We tried to do this as a courtesy to the national media, so if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.”

At that point – someone else (clearly NOT the original, pesky questioner) apparently tried to get some point or other clarified – by asking a “quick question” – and:

At that point, one such unidentified male national reporter interjected: “One quick question—one quick legitimate question.”

“I’m sorry but the call is ending,” Barbour said, as he and Russell hung up their phones.

A female reporter then said, as Barbour hung up the phone: “Let him talk!”

“That’s why I tried to interrupt,” the thus-far unidentified reporter, who had tried to ask a “quick legitimate question,” responded.

“If you wouldn’t have interrupted he wouldn’t have ended it,” the female reporter responded.

“He was ending it,” the male reporter said.

“But we were all listening,” the female reporter replied. “We were all listening, and you were being rude.”

“I wasn’t the one that was saying stuff about cotton,” the male reporter retorted. “I didn’t say a word until just now.”

My, my – touchy, touchy, touchy…”Either you play strictly, 100% by our rules, or – no matter how much we really, really want our Vision Of Reality to prevail – we take our ball, and go home – and f**k YOU, you bunch’a media whores!!”

Gee… that’s almost as arrogant as – what one might expect from Democraps

Should play real well with the home-folks, right?


Another Ring Added To The MS Senatorial Circus — 9 Comments

    • Kind of like that oldie-but-goodie: “No matter how you jump an’ dance, the last few drops’ll go down your pants!”

      When you’ve already “screwed the pooch” once, any move you make anywhere near that puppy, they’re gonna roll their eyes, shake their heads, and think – and probably even say out loud – “there he goes again!“…

      Especially when the further moves are just as stoopid as – or worse than – the initial ones.

      Cochran and his whole campaign really need to give it up – no matter what, this is not going to end well for them.

      They (at the very least) bent, folded and rough-handled the MS election regs…and very likely broke several State laws in the process…and are now in line for a severe – and well-deserved – “bending” in return.

    • Many thanks for the link – I saw (elsewhere) where there was an effort like this is progress, had not been able to chase it down (busy day, what with storm prep, etc.)

      I pitched in a wee bit (pretty “wee”, I’m afraid – on “funemployment” just now, not a lot of “spare change”) – hope others will do the same.

      At last count, they had just over 4,900 cross-over “hits” on people who voted D. in the June 3 (initial) primary and allegedly voted (unlawfully) in the R. runoff primary on June 24, and still had roughly 1/3 of the precincts not yet checked, including most of the most-heavily urban, most-heavily D. precincts – plus, they still have all of the absentee ballots and unverified-I.D. in-person ballots to check. Seems quite likely they will easily exceed the roughly-6,900 vote margin by which Cochran supposed “won” the runoff primary on the 24th – then, it’s a matter, apparently, of filing a formal challenge, and having their findings examined and verified by elections officials.

  1. I was most disgusted by the stupid crunt “reporter” who berated the other “legitimate” reporter for “being rude,” because he was just trying to do his job, rather than opening wide for the Cockran fucksticks to pour soothing jism down their throats, as she was totally eager to do.

    • Agreed – the best part, of course, for me was the apparent fact that there were at least a couple of the MSM invited to the phone-chat “party” who were willing to put some “push” in, right away, against the Cochran spokes-mouthpiece’s attempt to run things purely to suit his/the Cochran campaign’s purposes.

      Then again, I’m led to wonder: If this had been a Democrap campaign spokes-talker, would anyone have been poking in rude questions early-on?…I’d like to think they would – but, as I said, I gotta wonder.

      Should be some continuing fun to watch – hope so, anyway.

  2. It really doesn’t matter. All they want is to get Cochran’s near-corpse safely back into office, so he can resign after a few months due to “health concerns” and let the Gentry appoint his successor, who will certainly be young enough to hold their control for another thirty years or so.

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