Poverty Pimps and Suicidal Idiocy

The Poverty of Benevolence by Fred Siegel, City Journal 2 July 2014

In the 50 years since the start of the Great Society and the expenditure of more than $20 trillion to alleviate poverty, millions of newcomers have entered America from Asia and from Africa. They generally arrived in poverty and have improved themselves by dint of self-help and hard work—those boring middle-class values that President Obama’s mentor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, denounced so strenuously. But if, as Riley demonstrates, the Great Society programs have failed in conventional terms, they have been an overwhelming political success. Together, government workers and the recipients of government benefits make up a formidable voting bloc. Yet their very political success may also prove their undoing: President Obama’s share of the African-American vote increased between 2008 and 2012, but during that period, blacks’ share of the national income declined and their unemployment rate increased.

The Democrats are the new black slavemasters. And here is a dirty little secret you won’t see much mentioned: A significant part of the black middle class is made up of government employees charged with providing services of all sorts to black people.

In fact, without government employment, the unemployment rates in the black community would likely double, at minimum. A lot of government jobs are nothing but make-work scams designed solely to facilitate income redistribution from taxpayers to tax eaters.

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