Homeboy can’t get happy.

I was talking to a fellow that I know…nice guy, used to be ‘salt of the earth’ or some such. You’ve heard of his type, if not of him. Born to a family of extremely modest means, but a smart boy with a head for numbers. Made it through school, made it through high school, jined the Air Farce and went to college. Din’t go to Vietnam, cause he was in college, so he graduated and flew fast jets with big bang-sticks off airfields in various places around the world. The Air Farce is really interested in higher creditialization so they paid for him to get a Masters in some math field, then paid for him to get a doctorate in another math field…this boy knows math as she is taught. Matter of fact, when I want to know how you get from this number to that number I call this ol’ boy and ask, “How’d they do that?” He’s smart like that.

He left the Air Farce right before the first Gulf War, because there ain’t no sense in flying jets into harm’s way when you get the same juice just flying jets will-he-nill-he. Flying jets be hard. Be even harder when folks be shooting at you. Same pension, might as well be drawing it. Did I mention that he’s a smart boy?

So he’s been looking for a place to live. Lived in Carolina, but that didn’t take. Moved to New York state, and that didn’t take. Moved to Baaaaahstun, and that didn’t take. Worked in high-tech all the time, don’t get me wrong; he be working. Moved to NWArkansas and that didn’t take. Moved out to the ‘golden triangle’ and…er….it didn’t take. Moved to freaking Utah and it didn’t take. So he moved down to southwest MO. It seems to have took. He hollered and said, “come up and see. Give advice. What now?”

I look. Bought 80 acres on top of the hill. Good. Soil about a quarter inch deep. Bad. Almost a hundred miles from anyplace that you ever heard of. Good. Close to hydopower. Good. Electricity on Co-Op? Good. Roads in poor to poorer shape…I count that good, though you might say bad…almost totally White population?…Kinda good, since I’m more into results than diversity…water is iffy, best dig that well deeper…couldn’t grow a garden to save your life…bad…bought on the very top of hill instead of lower…bad…but the thing is, he now has a place that is away from everywhere that you would want to be and he’s feeling secure. That’s good.

Here’s the thing. He has lived around the world and thinks that America is going to become just like the rest of the world. He doesn’t think that that is good. Too bad.

You can build that shining city on the hill, but once the whole world is camped around that hill it becomes damn near indefensible.

That’s a shame. What’cha gonna do? You been doing diddly-squat. Is that what your plan for the future is? I’m just asking.

Has your life been a waste, up til now? Because it seems to me…fast jets don’t matter…big bombs don’t matter…machiney guns don’t matter…what matters is are you willing to use those things. We’re not.

We don’t think that it’s worth it.

We might be right. I don’t think that we are.


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  1. A bad patch is coming, no doubt. I’m reading volume 2 of the Heinlein biography, and he saw the essential outline over fifty years ago. I’ve been expecting some of the things we are seeing now since the 1970s, though during the Carter administration I thought things would come to a head a lot sooner than they have.

    I’ve become resigned to the fact that most of my compatriots can’t see what I see. They’ve probably heard the term “exponential curve”, but it’s just something vaguely techie sounding. It means no more to them than the “alluvial dampers” and “hydrospanner” Han Solo shouts about while fixing the Millenium Falcon.

    But I’m not going to act like one of those guys in the sixties who slept every night in their bomb shelter. I expect that the meltdown, with its attendant six or seven (or eight?) figure death toll in the US, will come at some point before the end of my life. But it will likely give a bit of warning to those paying attention.

    A certain amount of preparation is certainly warranted. Beyond that, I’m going to enjoy the time I have left. I take opportunities as they present themselves to help people understand what we are up against. My sons both grasp the issues quite firmly – in fact my eldest son is more pessimistic than I am. He read The Death of Money and pointed out implications that I had not considered.

    If opportunity presents at some point, I will work for a solution that I think could succeed, the most likely of which is outlined in Dale Franks’ post from five years ago: A Fork in the Road is Coming.

    But I past hoping and working for restoration of any sort of limited government under the current two-party system. I really don’t give a damn any more what Republicans are elected. Oh, I get a momentary charge when Ted Cruz gets elected and says things I’ve been thinking a long time directly to disgusting creatures such as Harry Reid. I liked it when Chris McDaniel got more votes than the establishment GOP toad Thad Cochran. But, as we’ve seen, the establishment GOP is going to use everything they can, moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, legal or illegal, to fight the people who would actually work for limited government and against the entrenched political class. I suppose it’s not beyond imagination that a gradual takeover of the GOP could work, but I consider it so unlikely in the time remaining that it’s not worth investing any hope into.

    I would work – avidly – for a third party that had the explicit aim of replacing the Republicans, if it were composed of rational, practical people and had some remote chance of succeeding. Having invested countless hours in the Libertarian Party back in the 1990s, I think/hope I would recognize a potential party that did not have those limitations.

    Otherwise, I watch the news, looking for the signs that I have 24 or 36 hours to make final preparations before the SHTF. I enjoy life as much as our paternalistic political class will let me.

    The older I get and the more hopeless our attempts to reverse the totalitarian trends, the more I try to take Professor de la Paz’ attitude:

    I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.

  2. A certain amount of preparation is certainly warranted. Beyond that, I’m going to enjoy the time I have left. I take opportunities as they present themselves to help people understand what we are up against.

    I’ve been doing so slowly for while, although I think I should probably speed up my preparations. My children are still small (youngest is 5) and I’m horrified at the world he will likely inherit. I don’t care for myself so much anymore; my life has been pretty good. But I’m really committed to the survival of my kids. My oldest is 11, and he’s pretty bright, so I’ve been able to get some of this through to him. Kind of sucks that I’m making him grow up more quickly than he’d like, but that’s the world we live in right now.

    When the burning times come, the media are in for a world of hurt. A lot of people who willingly swallowed their fifth estate bleatings will realize just how many lies were fed to them. My guess is that they will be somewhat unhappy with those who fed them those lies.

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