Gentry GOP Corrupted Mississippi Senate GOP Runoff? Just Incredible…(Not)

BOMBSHELL: Mississippi Democrat Party Officials Admit Team Cochran Wanted Help Stealing the Election | A Time For Choosing

I find this simply incredible.

Pete Perry, is a Cochran ally who serves as the Hinds County GOP chair. This matters because:

[emphasis mine]

To make matters even more interesting, Democrats in Hinds County are accusing Cochran’s Hinds County Republicans of illegal activity.

In an interview with Breitbart News on Thursday, Claude McInnis–the Hinds County Democrats’ top official–said that Perry asked Democrats to help him “break the law” by working together to accept Democratic voters who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and in Tuesday’s GOP runoff.

Charging that Perry “has never ran a legal election in this state” because “he was never qualified by the Secretary of State’s office,” McInnis alleged that Perry asked him and county Democrats not to share records of who voted in each primary on June 3. The practice–called “switching the books“–is where, heading into a runoff, Democrats and Republicans swap poll books that list which voters voted in the respective parties’ recent primaries.

I don’t find it incredible.  I find it inevitable.

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Gentry GOP Corrupted Mississippi Senate GOP Runoff? Just Incredible…(Not) — 6 Comments

    • I sincerely wish ’em the very best of luck – but, it would sort of seem to come down to whether or not they are able to get a judge to a) agree that they have sufficient “time being of the essence” urgency, standing and grounds to get him/her to drop an injunction hammer and put a stopper on the State GOP attempt to certify the runoff primary results, and b) then hold a hearing on the issue(s) involved, the outcome of which is some sort of ruling that delays the results certification until True The Vote can get the requested access.

      IANAL, of course, nor a judge*…

      Then, I’d think they’ll still have to use that access to produce enough fraudulent/unlawful-voting evidence – with that same court or perhaps another one – to…what? – force a re-run of the runoff primary? With Democrap-registered voters specifically excluded? Force re-scheduling of the whole primary?

      I dunno – seems like a pretty steep hill wall to climb…should be pretty exciting for the lawyers, anyway…

      Anybody know enough about MS voting laws – and how (and by whom) they are enforced – to be able to see where this is likely to go?

      Sure is kind of “entertaining” to watch, anyway – sort of in the same sense that seeing a high-speed 20 – 30 vehicle pileup on a freeway take place is “entertaining”, of course…

      (*Although I’m entirely willing to impersonate a law-dog, provided there’s some money in it – I’m currently outta work, have been for awhile, and the “funemployment” isn’t nearly as “fun” as it usedtowas, and is about to run out anyhow – and if there’s no serious jail-time likely as a result…)

  1. True the Votes case will be difficult at best. A lot of this will depend on the judge or judges, a crap shoot at best. Keeping all this in the public arena is important though. It is also important to me for the train wreck entertainment value.

  2. Update (after I went and read up a bit on The State Of The [Statewide Election{s}] Art in dear, lovely ‘ol Mississippi): This is getting Curiouser And Curiouser, as Alice said…

    To help prevent mistakes, the Republican and Democrat parties switch the poll books for each precinct for a run-off. Since we don’t register by political party in Mississippi, the poll books list all voters. The theory of switching the poll books is that if a Republican poll worker is using the book that was used by the Democrats in the first election, then when a voter comes to vote in the Republican run-off, the poll worker can quickly see if the voter’s name is checked as having voted in the first Democrat primary.

    Makes perfect sense, y’see – in point of fact, this “switching books” is a vital part of avoiding the improper crossover voting that is (pretty clearly) precisely what occurred – quite possibly, in any or all of MS’s 82 counties, comprising over 1,800 precincts – all of which were involved in the State-wide Republican runoff primary on June 24. And, apparently this “switching” is actually legally required by MS elections rules and regulations.

    So…why would this “switching books” not have (quite properly – and, as it now appears, as legally required) taken place, you might ask? Ahh-h-h…

    When asked how (Pete) Perry (a Cochran ally who serves as the Hinds County GOP chair) could have succeeded in not switching the books–since he and other Democrats refused to cooperate with his request on the grounds that they believed it was illegal– (Claude) McInnis (the election coordinator for the Hinds County Democratic Party Executive Committee) replied that he worked with Sen. Cochran’s sister-in-law–the election commissioner in Hinds County–to get the job done. “Connie Cochran is the election commissioner,” McInnis said.

    “I can’t tell you if he did this at all the precincts, but I can tell you at the precincts I went to, they didn’t switch the books. I know one woman at one precinct where she had voted in the Democratic primary, but she also was allowed to vote in the Republican runoff. It happened at more than one precinct.”

    McInnis and his fellow Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee member, Chairwoman Jacqueline Amos-Norris, provided Breitbart News with email evidence that Perry and Connie Cochran were trying to not “switch the books” on runoff day…(bolded material added)

    Keep in mind: This is only talking about one county, Hinds County, including only (potentially) 109 precincts – there are another 81 counties – and roughly another 1,700 plus precincts – that could be involved, State-wide. This was, after all, a U.S. Senate runoff-primary…

    Much, much more pertinent info at the link Read It All…

    (This is getting real good – Bill wants some additional content…even if somebody else gets there first – jump in if you want, drach or anyone else -, I think I’m going to put up a follow-on piece on this, likely tomorrow.)

      • Understood, and agree fully – it’s for certain the MSM will do its dead-level best to either ignore the whole thing as a minor-league tempest in a Tidewater teapot, quite beneath the level of “real nooze”, or mischaracterize the whole thing as being something like “the usual kind of internal Rethuglican in-fighting, which is a biii-i-ig part of why those silly Elefumps can never get anything useful done, anywhere, anytime…”

        Still – seems like, if you can get enough low-level buzz goin’ on, might be possible to get some folks to pay a maybe a little attention, y’know?…

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