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Coulter Responds to Liberal ‘Hissy Fits’ over World Cup Column | Mediaite

Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity‘s show tonight, and right off the bat they addressed the controversy over Coulter’s World Cup column last week in which she trolled every single American World Cup fan by calling soccer a ridiculous, anti-American sport that’s not watched by anyone whose family hasn’t emigrated here in the past two or three generations.

Coulter mockingly said she’s been on tenterhooks watching these games for the exciting, breathtaking result of a “one-one tie.” She said, “My critics have apparently tried to persuade me that soccer is a macho game by throwing hissy fits over my column.”

Be careful, Ann.  They’ll either toss a deadly riot in front of your house, or try to bite you.

Or both.

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  1. Either that, or somehow cause her to expire from sheer, unadulterated boredom…

    Offhand, the only “World-Class sport” I’ve ever tried to watch that was less exciting than soccer was curling (which a friend of mine in MI once – rather-accurately, I think – referred to as “a cross between slow-motion short-rink amateur ice dancing and watching paint dry”).

    For me, soccer is the only “field sport” where I find the game officials more entertaining to watch than the game itself.

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