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McCain on Cochran’s win: I thought Republicans wanted African-Americans voting Republican « Hot Air

Is that what McDaniel fans are upset about, that black voters turned out? Or are they upset that Democrats, some of them black and energized by sleazy race-oriented dirty tricks against McDaniel, proved decisive in a Republican primary, ensuring that the party’s nomination went to a guy who twice won fewer votes from members of that party than his rival did? The fact that McCain would stoop to this sort of stupid MSNBC-ish lowest-common-denominator troll to dismiss conservative anger is telling. We just watched a network of cronies prop up a feeble old man who’s been in Congress for 40 years by recruiting liberals to tilt a GOP election, and Maverick’s big comeback is “why don’t you want blacks to vote?” We once nominated this guy for president. Why?

Because they knew they’d get people like you to vote for him anyway, AP.

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