Issa: Duh

Rep. Issa on Missing IRS Emails: “We Will Probably Never Know” | Video | RealClearPolitics

CANDY CROWLEY, CNN: Let’s first go to the e-mails, two years’ worth. You have been given some – over 20,000 of them have been retrieved through other ways, the people she sent them to, et cetera. Did Lois Lerner crash her own computer?

REP. DARRELL ISSA: Well, we will probably never know that. The drive is physically gone.

Never fear.  Bulldog Issa and the rest of the Gentry GOP is hot on the trail of unraveling the IRS scandal that targeted conservativez and Tea Party groups.  Because those are the people the Gentry want to stand up for and protect.

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  1. I don’t understand. Perhaps it’s been answered / discussed here or elsewhere already but I thought that, to allow one to access one’s emails from more than one computer, the emails are stored on an, e.g. IMAP server.

    Right now, if my laptop HD vaporized along with all the local email files, I would not notice any difference on my desktop since the emails are stored on my ISP’s IMAP server.

    Is it really the case that the IRS employees use some kind of email system where one can access one’s emails only from one’s laptop? No webmail or mobile phone interface? Really?

    Is it really the case that, given the records keeping laws for federal agencies that the only copies of emails are kept on one’s laptop and nowhere else?

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