Yeah, Like I Trust Obama On Immigration and Border Control

Obama to ask for $2B to toughen up border control « Hot Air

I’m guessing that this wasn’t exactly what the President’s Democrat allies had in mind when they were thinking about “comprehensive immigration reform.” Both the NY Times and the Washington Post are reporting that President Obama will, this week, request a two billion dollar slug of emergency cash to stem the tide of children and other illegal aliens crossing into the country.

I suspect he’ll use the Two Large to “stem the tide” by moving them into new homes and shelters all across America as soon as possible.

It’s a bit early to say, because this could either be a serious proposal or window dressing in response to yet another political crisis. But if the money will honestly go to catching more illegals as they cross, processing them faster and speeding them on their way back home, then this may wind up being one of those rare moments when we can applaud the President for his actions.

How gullible are you?  Oh, wait.  You’re a Hot Gas commentator.  Never mind.

Call me foolish for offering the benefit of the doubt here…

Not only are you a fool, you’re a suicidally idiotic tool.

Oh, wait.  Hot Gas commentator.  Pardon the redundancy.

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