Oh, But This Isn’t the REAL Islam? My Ass It Isn’t!

Isis crucifies nine people in Syrian villages – Telegraph

A man has survived being crucified by Isis in Syria,
after the jihadists raided his village and nailed him to a cross for eight

The unnamed man from Al-Bab, near the border with Turkey, was crucified as a
punishment, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

He managed to survive the ordeal.

But eight others who received the same punishment did not survive. The men,
from Deir Hafer in the east of Aleppo province, were subjected to the same
treatment and crucified “in the main square of the village, where their
bodies will remain for three days”, the Britain-based monitor said.

These are the Muslim barbarian savages being supported by Saudi Arabia, our “ally.”

And yes, this is Islam, red of tooth and claw.

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Oh, But This Isn’t the REAL Islam? My Ass It Isn’t! — 3 Comments

  1. got into a rather significant argument with a muslim on FB. I kept getting the “insignificant percentage” of muslims engage in or support violent jihad against innocents, I asked, “what about allies” If they wear a uniform don’t follow islam, that’s not the same thing. So you that’s okay? Yes, so do you denounce that small percentage, just that small percentage that targets innocents. “Well.”

    IT’S NOT A HARD QUESTION!, and btw, that “insignificant percentage,” is in the neighborhood of 15%!

    We use the word decimate incorrectly, it means to reduce by a tenth. So if 1/10th equals a brutal loss, how is 15% inconsequential? look at the minority numbers of ANY STATE IN THE WORLD, 15% is a VERY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER, that means that for every 10 people you meet, you know they think it’s okay for you to be killed, for every ten people you meet one wants to kill you and one, MIGHT want to kill you.

    I don’t know how small your cave is, that’s not an insignificant number.

  2. also, not just Saudi, but also, every ignorant self satisfied liberal who’s primary goal is to capture power and punish those who would prevent it.

    They would rather rule a salt flat than live in an eden. The anti-american totalitarian fucktards.

    • I’m being specific, X. The Saudis make use of Sunni warriors in their battle against Iran (and modernity in general). The Iranians make use of Shia warriors in their battle against Saudi Arabia (and modernity in general).

      A lot of this is designed to keep the warriors from turning their attentions to their sponsors. Osama bin Laden wanted to crucify the entire Saudi royal family – almost as much as he wanted to slaughter the infidels, including the Shia. But Saudi Arabia supported him anyway.

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