If You’ve Never Tried a GPS Unit In Your Car, I Bet You’d Like It If You Did

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A standalone GPS in your vehicle makes a lot more sense than paying a ton to have one built in as OEM. First, it costs a lot less. Second, you have a lot more options as to size, location, and that sort of thing. Third, if you get one you don’t like, you can return it. Try that with your snazzy built-in “accessory.”

GPS units are relatively new for me. I’ve had one for the last ten years or so, I guess, but I did a lot of driving – forty years, at least – prior to that trying to navigate with dead tree maps. This is one area you will never get me to willingly give up the new tech. I do keep an up-to-date road atlas for both state and nation in my vehicle emergency preps, but that’s for emergencies. I’d never use them otherwise.

One bit of advice: Make sure whatever unit you buy includes lifetime map updates. I’ve got a very old unit, and they want as much to update it as it would cost to buy a new one. Meh.

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If You’ve Never Tried a GPS Unit In Your Car, I Bet You’d Like It If You Did — 8 Comments

  1. I bought an old WinCE driven GPS from a company that went out of business during this Strong Economic Recovery ™, so no map updates to be provided. Ever. However, since it’s WinCe, it’s extremely easy to hack and install other GPS software and maps on it. I’ve tested out 3-4 and I will say that the Garmin software kind of blows on it, as does the TomTom software. However, the Igo/Amigo/Primo all work great and the maps are, err, somewhat low cost for some reason. Destinator 9 also works pretty well on it.

    Yeah, I know, I’ve got a better one in the family car, but I like playing with gizmos. I’ve even installed some games and apps on the GPS. I also saw some guy’s post about soldering in a microphone to make it voice activated. I don’t think I’ll ever go that far, but it’s fun to see what you CAN do, if you’re so inclined.

    As far as dead tree maps go, I ALWAYS keep one or three in the car with me. I’ve had the (thankfully) rare experience of the GPS proclaiming “YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION” in the middle of BFE.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been saying BFE for Bum Fuck, Egypt so long that I simply assumed everyone had heard of it. All of the people I hang with off of the web know it, so I didn’t give it a thought.

    Lots of people have mocked me because WinCE is no longer supported. Pretty easy system to mess with though.

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