It was bound to happen when they cut off their own balls — 5 Comments

  1. Evolution doesn’t just work at the level of genes. It works at the level of cultures and societies, too. Plus there’s interplay among the evolutionary dynamics of the different levels. Apparently in this case, the culture/society level is saying those genes don’t need to reproduce, because this culture/society doesn’t have traits worthy of reproduction.

    There are those who say importation of genetic material won’t affect the underlying culture. I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. While culture is *mostly* taught and handed down to new generations, I think there is a genetic component to the individual’s predilection to absorb or resist particular cultural elements (e.g., thrift).

    No doubt any leftist who reads that will call me a racist, using their own incoherent, post-modern definition of “racist”. Which, of course, doesn’t make me wrong, even if they cite dialectical “proofs” that race has no genetic basis.

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