Sharp As A Knife

The Best Chef’s Knife

After an extremely close voting round, the Wusthof Classic Cooks Knife has cut through the competition as your choice for Best Chef’s Knife. You praised it specifically for its durability, hand-protecting shape, heft, balance, and of course, sharpness.

This was one of the closest votes we’ve ever had, and the fierceness of that competition was a win for everyone. The fact that the Victorinox Fibrox’s much lower price point didn’t allow it to run away with the vote really speaks to the quality of the Wusthof and the Shun, and the knowledge base our audience brings to the table.

I’ve got a Wusthof Classic in the eight inch, and I’ve also got the Shun Classic in both eight and ten inch.  I used the Shuns every day, while the Wusthof is in the back of the knife drawer somewhere.  (I do have a six inch Wusthof Classic in my knife block, though, for special tasks).

They top-ranked a different Shun – the Shun Premier Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch, and I have to say, I really like the look of it. Of course, bikes and knives are two of my major jonesing weaknesses. And tech hardware.

By the way, this is a lousy way to organize an article.  I can’t find any actual tally of the votes for each knife.  Some genius’ idea of forcing clicks, I guess.

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