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LG G Watch running Android Wear
If the first crop of Android Wear smartwatches falls just outside of your price range, don’t fret — ASUS may soon come to your rescue. TechCrunch claims that the Taiwanese firm is developing Google-powered wristwear with a target price between $99 and $149, or at least $50 less than LG’s relatively frugal G Watch.

I’m not going to get all goatse-bearded hipster douchebag Google Glass hysterical on you, but I do have to confess to wondering what the usefulness of these things are. I guess for some sorts of specialized sports or medical use they might have a role when the hardware needs to actually make contact with the skin, but otherwise…?

And nobody but goatse-bearded hipster douchebags are going to claim they’re really attractive, either.

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