The Absence of Evidence Is Not the Evidence of Absence

Schock: No evidence of ‘deliberate effort’ to destroy IRS hard drive | TheHill

House Republicans don’t have evidence to suggest the Internal Revenue Service deliberately destroyed a hard drive containing two years’ worth of emails from the former official at the center of the controversy over political targeting, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) said Friday.

“We don’t have any deliberate — any information to suggest there was a deliberate effort,” Schock said during an interview Friday with CNN.

And you don’t have any information to suggest that there wasn’t a deliberate effort to do so.  Otherwise, it would already have been splashed all over the fellating tool media.

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The Absence of Evidence Is Not the Evidence of Absence — 4 Comments

  1. As anyone who has spent a useful amount of time with the inner “workings” of software and computers should be expected to know full well, there are a variety of behaviors that, when applied, can reliably result in a hard-drive crash that will not leave any evidence of “deliberate effort(s)” to produce that end-result.

    In addition, it would appear that there was more than ample time and opportunity available to the IRS computer folks to allow them to remove any and all traces of “evidence” that might have once been around.

    In fact, I’d be utterly astounded if any such “evidence” was actually to be found at this point.

    • “Look, we investigated ourselves and found no wrong-doing. Anyone who doesn’t accept that is a vicious, government-hater who is acting from purely partisan impulses.

      “And the {New York Times | Washington Post | CNN | CBS | NBC | miscellaneous left-leaning media org} agrees with us on this. So you’re definitely just playing politics if you don’t give us a pass.”

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