Limp Exculpatory Bullshit From the NYT Public Hack

Is The Times Ignoring a Scandal at the I.R.S.? –

The Times was somewhat late in beginning to cover the latest development about the lost emails. My office had begun to field several days’ worth of reader protests on the lack of attention when the first story finally went online. Despite that slow start and the quiet display of the subsequent stories (an analytical piece might have been a good choice for the front page), The Times has given its readers insightful coverage of a situation heavily clouded by partisan politics.

The Times refused to even call it a scandal for months.  And when it did begin its shallow, back of the book coverage, it devoted most of its ink to portraying it as nothing more than a partisan dustup fomented by conservative partisans with an agenda (the tone it is still using today).

But I see that  you still managed to dodge the primary contention:  That if this outrageous scandal had occurred under a Republican administration, you would have made it front page headline news for months – and, in fact, would still be doing so.

I don’t know why you call yourself the “public” editor.  You seem more like the Saddam Hussein public spokesman editor from where I sit.

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Limp Exculpatory Bullshit From the NYT Public Hack — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like this “public editor” has mastered the technique of taking 99% of the Times’ biased positions, adding some proforma “there are other arguments” boiler plate, and concluding by saying the Times didn’t really get anything wrong. So if you think it did, that’s just your opinion.

    The leftist ruling class has a seemingly endless number of make-work jobs for excusing the vagaries of other members of the leftist ruling class. Division of labor, as it were – leftists get to outsource the excuse-making for their own mistakes.

  2. This was an astonishing paso doble by the Times. Almost every major news outlet in the country covered the initial revelation of “lost” emails; the Times made no mention of it whatever for two days.

    “It just didn’t happen,” they said.

    The ensuing “coverage” they finally provided would have made Goebbels proud.

    But, of course, these are the sorts of things nice people are compelled to do when the evil they fight is so obvious and insidious. And it’s okay when they do it, because, after all, they are on the side of justice. All…together…now….

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