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Upland Couple Says Their Live-In Nanny Won’t Get Out « CBS Los Angeles

Amy Johnson spoke to the couple who have tried everything, including legal measures, to get the nanny out.

Johnson was there when the woman was served legal papers in the home in the 1200 block of North Vallejo Way.

The couple, Marcel and Ralph Bracamonte, told Johnson the first couple of months with the nanny “were good,” but she soon stopped working and complained of health issues.

At this point, they said they asked the 64-year-old nanny  to leave, but Diane Stretton refused to go. They said they served her with legal papers, but they turned out to be the wrong legal papers.

For the time being, officials told the couple the nanny can come and go as she pleases.

They’re lucky they don’t live in San Francisco.  It might literally take years to evict her.

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  1. At this point, they’ve already been (apparently) trying to get her “gone” for several years, finally filed formal court action against her as last resort fairly recently; looks as though it may be quite some time yet before they are successful in their eviction efforts, she appears to know enough about the law to drag matters out for some time yet.

    They’ve apparently already locked the refrigerator for some time.

    They’re being much, much too kind about the whole thing – there are a number of tactics that they could have – and should have – applied a long time ago that would have undoubtedly caused her to “self-evict”.

  2. Let me see here…you’ve got three kids and think that you’re going to find someone of retirement age that will raise them and housekeep for room and board?

    Three kids?

    They looked to get something for nothing and ended up getting something indeed.

    It’s hard to relate to someone who doesn’t know how to say, “My, so sorry that you have to rush off” in a tone of voice that makes them eager to do just that.

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